Our Mission

Our mission is to become your trusted provider of European natural remedies and wellness lifestyle products to help you achieve the happiness, health, and vigor you desire.

We do this through sharing our natural wellness discoveries with you. We desire to empower you to pursue healthy, safe, and effective wellness practices and to be your partner in living the ritual of European Natural Medicine.

Our mission is guided by our own experience. Here at Eurbal we curate natural remedies that address our own pressing desire to improve our daily lives and those we care for, naturally and sustainably. We only recommend products that contain ingredients that have demonstrated reliability, safety, and efficacy over extensive periods of time.

Legacy & Tradition

European Herbal Medicine Legacy & Tradition

We believe in the long-standing tradition of Traditional German & European Medicine. Traditional German (Deutsche) Medicine (“TDM”) is an area of modern medicine practiced by physicians, pharmacists, and health and wellness practitioners.

Incorporating herbal and botanical medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy, and traditional folk medicinal practices, TDM approaches healthcare as a practice of ongoing preventative wellness and holistic remedies based predominantly on natural, integrative solutions to everyday health challenges as well as long-term illnesses and diseases.

Anchored by our personal relationships and familial ties to Germany, we are continually exploring remedies that have been cultivated over the millennia and stewarded by the leading German practitioners of herbal and natural medicine today.

We strive to make those old-word remedies with proven records of efficacy available to those conscientious consumers who practice holistic natural health or simply those who desire a natural way to improve the way they live.

Scientific Advisory Board

Our Scientific Advisory Board is an integral part of our business, contributing their expertise, guidance, and recommendations throughout our product research, development, and selection process. They are true partners, invested in the Eurbal mission.

As practicing medical professionals they are in direct contact with patients every day. As such, they have access to the resources, research, and innovations of modern medicine. But even more important to us is that they are practitioners of holistic wellness who believe in individualized, integrative care; they practice what they believe.



Dr. Michael Shomaker, M.D.

Dr. Shomaker trained at Wake Forest University for both residency and fellowship in Nephrology. His interests are managing pre- and postoperative kidney transplant patients, and in the care of peritoneal and hemodialysis patients. Dr. Shomaker is a member of the American Society of Nephrology and the American Society of Transplantation. Dr. Shomaker has been a physician with Denver Nephrology in Denver, Colorado since 2007.
He is dedicated to charitable work, donating his time weekly to a local free clinic and providing relief work in Haiti. His outside interests include camping, road biking, and golfing. He is a proud father of two boys and enjoys spending time with his family.